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Welcome to BreakWay: A Grief Journey Program Dashboard.

We are so excited that you have decided to impact your community by hosting BreakWay: A Grief Journey Program. We can’t wait for you to see this program transform the lives of the families who choose to participate.

Download BreakWay: A Grief Journey Program Curriculum & Facilitator Packet

Download BreakWay: Family Intake Packet

Step 1. Download BreakWay: A Grief Journey Program Curriculum & Facilitator Packet. These materials will help you lay the foundation for your program. It is very important to read the Facilitator Training Manual thoroughly as it will help you explain to your team what the requirements are to help lead this program at your facility.

Step 2. Recruit Volunteers. In order to start a BreakWay program at your organization, you must have 8 group facilitators to guide the discussions for the four groups. It will be important to start collecting a group of interested volunteers to serve in this capacity. There must be two group facilitators in each support group room.

It is very important to select your volunteers with care as they will have a tremendous impact on each child in the group. You will find in your Facilitator Training Manual the necessary requirements that must be obtained in order to participate as a group facilitator.

Once you have selected your team, you will then begin planning a BreakWay Training Day.

This day can be organized however you see fit, but each participant must obtain the following requirements in order to receive the BreakWay: Facilitator Certificate:

-Signed and read through the BreakWay Facilitator Training Manual
-Completion of forms located in the BreakWay Group Facilitator Packet

Each leader must receive the BreakWay Facilitator Certificate before participating in the support groups.

Step 3: Mark your Calendars. Many Program Coordinators will discuss what days they plan for groups to meet on the Training Day to help coordinate with the volunteer’s schedules. We have attached a sample BreakWay Calendar to help your team coordinate a similar schedule.

Step 4: Publicize BreakWay.

Step 5: Register Families. As families begin to contact you, it will be important that you develop a registration procedure. The registration procedure can be implemented a variety of ways but it will be crucial for you to obtain all of the forms located in the BreakWay: Family Intake Packet. Many of the current BreakWay programs invite each family individually to their facility to show them their group support rooms and discuss each page in the BreakWay: Family Intake Packet as apart of the orientation process.

Step 6: Start BreakWay! We always love to hear from our BreakWay participants and volunteers. Let us know how we can improve your BreakWay experience by contacting us today. Thanks for making an impact in your community!